Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

As members of the Forensic and Valuation Section (FVS), Business Valuation & Forensic Advisors has access to specialized information focusing on the most current Forensic and Valuation issues such as legislative developments and information regarding regulatory insight into the field's complex laws and regulations.  This allows our team to provide specialized services in the world of Forensic Accounting.


Forensic accounting is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing and investigative skills to assist in Litigation Support, Investigation and Dispute Resolution for criminal matters such as Identity Theft and Insurance Fraud, and other instances including Tax Investigations, Damage Calculations, and Marriage Dissolutions. Forensic accounting identifies damages incurred by the parties involved and recommends solutions to minimize future risk of loss. A forensic accountant will attempt to resolve matters before they go to court and if necessary testify as an expert witness.


Occasionally, it is necessary to explore whether fraud or misconduct has occurred.  The services of a forensic accountant are required for a range of investigations across many different industries. Business Valuation & Forensic Advisors can assist with investigations related to the following items:

  • Employee theft
  • Financial statement falsification
  • Expert Witness
  • Tax Investigations
  • Damage Calculations
  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records
  • Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Marriage Dissolution to determine if there are hidden assets

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